Bali is come from the word ''wali'' which means ceremony. Balinese Hindu ceremony always use offering. There are many kind of offering that used during ceremony, from simple until very complicated one that not many people can make it.

  Ceremony in Hindu is grouped into 5 kinds called "Panca Yadnya'' consist of ;

1. Dewa Yadnya : ceremony for the God which is conducted in the temple or at the holy places.
2. Pitra Yadnya : ceremony for the people who died include their soul. This ceremony are cremation ceremony and it's sequel.
3. Rsi Yadnya : Ceremony for the holy people like priests .
4. Manusa Yadnya : ceremony for the people since in the womb until before die, like Birthday celebration, tooth filing, wedding etc. 
5. Bhuta Yadnya : ceremony for the spirits that people believe that they live around. This ceremony usually done around the sacred area or on the ground.

   Besakih (Mother's Temple), 
One of regular ceremony is held in Besakih temple, the biggest temple in Bali  during first full moon after new year of hindu, called Punama Kedasa. This ceremony called Bhatara Turun Kabeh ceremony. The preparation start from a few week before, and normally held until about 2 weeks after.
This ritual is held ones every year, and also followed by every others Temples around the area and also many others around Bali such as ; Batur Temple, Lempuyang Temple, etc.
During this celebration the temple is very busy, Hindu people from all over Bali and beyond come here to pray. Traffic also busy, so We have to be patient in this time if we like to pray or just to visit. 
During this period no activities is allowed around the volcano except praying. Trekking to this Agung volcano also forbidden, but the Temples are still opened for tourists to visit or pray by wearing Balinese custom properly.