Where to buy, shop or market

Bali is a small island with so many different kind of carving or handicraft  such as ; stone carving, wood carving, fabric, painting, gold an silver, painting etc. Not all of hose products are only made in Bali, but can find in Bali. Some of them come from  Java, Lombok, Sumba,and many other islands or even other countries. Bali has become the most famous market of every kind of art from all over Indonesia.

There are many different place can buy those products, the two of them are market and 
 * Market,  most of their stuff are simple  and cheap, is like mass products that can be found easily in other places. The price is not fix price, need to be clever to bargain.
 ** Shop, They usually have better stuff, with the name of the Shop and product. The price of course is more expensive. Bargaining in here is not much, they usually give some discount or even fix price.

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